Farming and the Collapse of Complex Societies

              Meanwhile down on the farm………….I will try to do a little farm blogging as time permits. Last week was not a good one as we lost 2 lambs to Clostridium Perfringens, a killer of lambs who aren’t vaccinated. Clostridium lives in the soil. One variety causes Tetanus as well as food poisoning.. WeContinue reading “Farming and the Collapse of Complex Societies”

Covid -19 Community Preparedness

Covid-19 : Supply Chains and Disaster  Preparedness. We here in Jackson Hole are way past starting a discussion on instituting disaster preparedness for the upcoming Corona Virus which is likely to pay us an unwelcome visit this year. I have discussed supply chains and how they impact life here in my blogs and in previousContinue reading “Covid -19 Community Preparedness”