Do Buy(!) Meltdown 2.0

The blog servers are really humming now that we have all given thanks to the turkeys of the world. The grist for a new blog is piling up head high. I’ve spent the entire morning reading amazing takes on Dubai, Obama, TARP, and world markets. Mostly it’s about how hopeless this world debt situation isContinue reading “Do Buy(!) Meltdown 2.0”

Meltdown in Dubai

You are looking at the world’s tallest building at 2684′, over one half mile high. It is the Burj Dubai and the lightning strike of the world credit implosion hit home in the improbably bizarre desert nation state of Dubai this thanksgiving when Dubai World, a giant real estate development conglomerate told the world banksContinue reading “Meltdown in Dubai”

President Obama: Wake up!

President Obama is in a death spiral, a flat spin which is taking the country down with him This will be a blog with images of important dangerous economists who have brought this country to its knees and the few economists who have tried to prevent this economic depression. I’ll give you a hint:the economistsContinue reading “President Obama: Wake up!”

South of the Border…..or.. BIG IRON comes home

I have just returned from a trip to San Carlos,Mexico, in the Sonoran Desert on the upper East shore of the Sea of Cortez. I made the trip to retrieve our 1977 suburban, BIG IRON, I had left in a storage yard when daughter Heidi and I hopped on our Cal 48 KOHO to sailContinue reading “South of the Border…..or.. BIG IRON comes home”