How Obama is making the Depression Worse

When Obama stepped into the Oval Office, the train was  on shaky footing threatening  a full derailment because of the horrible governmental and financial mismanagement  of the previous 10 years, both in the waning Clinton term and the debacle of the Bush years. When I like many other Americans stepped into the voting booth presentedContinue reading “How Obama is making the Depression Worse”

Latest News from the Auld Sod

     I generally only blog when events merit and on January 18, we had one of those events. The news  from Ireland was simply stunning.  It seems that the building pictured above which looks more like a parking garage than the Irish Central Bank had done the unthinkable. It had printed $51 Billion Euros outContinue reading “Latest News from the Auld Sod”

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

This of course is the inscription for all who are entering hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy. But there is nothing comical about President  Obama’s deliberations over who should replace Larry “Lucifer” Summers as White House Director of the Council of Economic Sorcers. Multiple news orgaizations are naming the sorcerers under consideration to replace larry whoContinue reading “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”