Is Shale Gas The Next Bubble?

In President Obama recent  state of the union address , he made the comment that  “We have a supply of natural gas that can last America nearly one hundred years, and my Administration will take every possible action to safely develop this energy.” It is a statement I have heard and seen reported in aContinue reading “Is Shale Gas The Next Bubble?”

My Proposal to fund Wyoming Government

The Corpus Callosum column by Jonathan Schechter is always worth a look in the Jackson Hole News and Guide .  His columns in the Jan 11 issue inspired me to make a few comments. To refresh your memory, Jonathan discussed how economic activity and taxable sales related to that activity have changed in the pastContinue reading “My Proposal to fund Wyoming Government”

Peak Oil and Strategies for a sustainable future in Jackson Wyoming

The following discussion is an attempt to bring to the fore The Most important event of our time. That event is called PEAK OIL. Peak Oil is the term coined by a Texas geologist by the name of M. King Hubbert to describe that point in the earth’s history when mankind has consumed one halfContinue reading “Peak Oil and Strategies for a sustainable future in Jackson Wyoming”