Ireland: Just say NO. Time for a December Rising.

     While Americans were stuffing their Type 2 faces with turkey flavored tryptophan-laced fixins’, the hard drinking tag team of Cowen and Lenihan were meeting behind (very) closed doors with the bond thug representatives of the IMF and the Eurozone to traitorously sell out an entire nation of 4.5 million people. I am talking aboutContinue reading “Ireland: Just say NO. Time for a December Rising.”

IEA 2010 Report:Peak Oil Exists After All(sorry folks).

I follow the periodic reports from the International Energy Agency(IEA) and our own domestic equivalent the EIA. World supply and demand figures form a big part of the reports out of the Paris based IEA and this recent report seemed benign and banal enough until I had some time to study the graphs and contrastContinue reading “IEA 2010 Report:Peak Oil Exists After All(sorry folks).”

Burn the Bondholders

 The picture depicted above is of a cement truck crashing the Irish Parliament protesting the bailout of the Insolvent Anglo Irish bank and the government’s attempts to shovel the debt onto innocent Irish Citizens. Ireland is of course one of the PIGS(Portugal, Ireland,Greece and Spain) facing big debt problems. It is currently running a budgetContinue reading “Burn the Bondholders”

A Visit from a Circuit Rider

     This weekend, we had the pleasure of a visitor to our log cabin by one of the principals of a well known blogsite by the name of theautomaticearth. The pseudonym that she goes by on the blog is Stoneleigh, which is a name of a town in England nearby where she grew up. SheContinue reading “A Visit from a Circuit Rider”