A Dangerous Solar Storm

The current ongoing solar flare has inspired me to re post from my old blog an article dealing with solar storms which pose a real and serious danger to the electrical grid and other complex electronics of our industrial society. Enjoy the Aurora! The old blog may be accessed Black Swan from Outer space whichContinue reading “A Dangerous Solar Storm”

A new way to fund Government

The Corpus Callosum column by Jonathan Schlechter is always worth a look in the Jackson Hole News and Guide .  His columns in the Jan 11 issue inspired me to make a few comments. To refresh your memory, Jonathan discussed how economic activity and taxable sales related to that activity have changed in the pastContinue reading “A new way to fund Government”

Spring Creek Ranch Economic Forum

            This past week  I had the opportunity to attend a forum entitled”22 in 21″ purporting to examine the shape of the Jackson Hole economy in the 21st century. It was organized by Jonathan Schechter and the Charture Institute and was held at the exclusive Spring Creek Ranch Resort. Jonathan Schechter is aContinue reading “Spring Creek Ranch Economic Forum”