A Real WYO Dog and Pony Show

Well Pardner, let me give you  a big wonderful Wyoming welcome to Uncle Ben’s annual Economic Symposium(aka the  K.C. Federal Reserve Dog and Pony Show).      I haven’t been able to get a comprehensive guest list and of course no bloggers were invited. I assume my old Richmond buddy Kartik Athreya made sure of that:http://cal48koho.blogspot.com/2010/08/kartik-athreya.html.  Continue reading “A Real WYO Dog and Pony Show”


CHAOS ECONOMICS In previous blogs I have piled opprobrium upon Neoclassical economists, the high priests who whisper in the ears of our politicians and corporations. In my attempt to try to tease out the influence of these priests , I have discovered some surprising historical facts from the early days of economics. In my previousContinue reading “CHAOS ECONOMICS”

Why you cannot and MUST NOT trust Mainstream Economists

      Readers of this blog know that I hold  most mainstream economists in contempt. Not a day goes by when you hear or read comments like “(such and such bit of economic data) was Greater(or lesser) than economists estimates.” Even Milton Friedman, a mainstream economist in his own right said that economic theories shouldContinue reading “Why you cannot and MUST NOT trust Mainstream Economists”

Cognitive Dissonance on Steroids

As promised in the last blog, I have been trying to bone up on some of the unwashed, unappreciated bastard children of conventional economics, such as Biophysical Economics and Complexity economics but I am still a ways from writing that blog. What’s keeping me from my task at hand are stories that just keep blowingContinue reading “Cognitive Dissonance on Steroids”

The Aspen Ideas Festival 2010

Now that I am back to blogging, I have had to play catchup on what new ideas and events I have missed these past 6 months by swearing off the sheer effort involved in trying to glean clues about the political and economic and social direction of a society that had not done what TootleContinue reading “The Aspen Ideas Festival 2010”