Psst! Timmy.I think we have a problem

This monster on the left is supposed to be a hydra headed monster, a metaphor for the dangerous silliness going on in DC. You thought the banks were insolvent because the real estate market tanked because immigrant strawberry pickers were falling behind on their San Joaquin Valley mcmansions after their ARMs reset. Well actually it’sContinue reading “Psst! Timmy.I think we have a problem”

The Summers/Geithner Burka

I have spent the past 2 days looking at Trashy Tim’s latest regurgitation of Horrible Henry’s failed TARP program and the long blog I wrote examining the pros(none) and the cons(many) so depressed me that I sent it to my digital landfill and I will now try again. If you were hoping that that illContinue reading “The Summers/Geithner Burka”

American Democracy is Dead

Anyone who has seen “Shane” will recognize the backdrop as the Grand Tetons. The three well dressed men smiling and joking with each other are possibly among the most dangerous men on earth. They undoubtedly do not have that perception of themselves. They look relaxed because this is the look of the cognitive dissonant FederalContinue reading “American Democracy is Dead”

America:Cognitive Dissonance on Steroids

I’ve been falling behind a bit on my blog trying to study the Panic of 2008 and I find myself returning again and again to either pictures from the Great Depression like this gem by Margaret Bourke-White from 1937 or images of lying and liars . But the thought hit me the other day afterContinue reading “America:Cognitive Dissonance on Steroids”