Covid -19 Community Preparedness

Covid-19 : Supply Chains and Disaster  Preparedness. We here in Jackson Hole are way past starting a discussion on instituting disaster preparedness for the upcoming Corona Virus which is likely to pay us an unwelcome visit this year. I have discussed supply chains and how they impact life here in my blogs and in previousContinue reading “Covid -19 Community Preparedness”

The Plastic Problem

  In previous posts I have covered decarbonization of energy and it is high time to continue to look at the  complex interconnected global industrial system focusing on one of its dominant components: Plastics. It is past time to cover Dematerialization of plastics.       Who can forget the key line of the 1967 movie TheContinue reading “The Plastic Problem”

Growth is the Cause of Global Climate Change

  It is time to get serious about Global Climate Change by looking at the root cause: GROWTH. Global climate change/Warming has been the focus of world wide demonstrations primarily by the youth kickstarted by Times’s person of the year, sixteen year old Gretta Thunberg.  Children like Gretta will inherit this mess. Most adults don’tContinue reading “Growth is the Cause of Global Climate Change”

Review of OIL, POWER, and WAR by Matthieu Auzanneau

In this post I am just pasting a review of an amazing book about Oil. The author is a French citizen and the book is a translation recently released. It is far more than just a history of the oil industry such as Yergin’s The Prize published in 1990. I submitted this review to AmazonContinue reading “Review of OIL, POWER, and WAR by Matthieu Auzanneau”

Can Jackson Hole be sustainable?

  “Sustainability” is one of those words often used but misunderstood. The dictionary definition goes like this: Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It has three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social. In this valley I have often seen the word combined toContinue reading “Can Jackson Hole be sustainable?”

COP 24…a waste of energy?

  It has been a long time since my last post. This statement reminds me of the old Catholic confession days:”It’s been __days since my last confession”….. I offer no excuses because a Marine never makes excuses, paraphrasing what  colonel pappy used to say. My “explanation” is that we have been very busy here onContinue reading “COP 24…a waste of energy?”