Depression thoughts

Today a veritable mushroom field has sprung up using the debt to GDP figures I noticed several weeks ago that compelled yesterdays post. There is a an excellent article by James Quinn on the seekingalpha investment website which lays it out far better than I did and he gives detailed historical perspective to the problemContinue reading “Depression thoughts”

A comment to a recent financial blog

I have decided to change the format of my original blog to include articles of opinion on current economic and social problems facing us in this 21st century. If there are any readers, I will have to warn them that this current site is not organized around that concept now and I will try toContinue reading “A comment to a recent financial blog”

Peak Oil Impacts in Jackson Hole

Peak Oil and Strategies for a sustainable future in Jackson Wyoming The following discussion is an attempt to bring to the fore The Most important event of our time. That event is called PEAK OIL. Peak Oil is the term coined by a Texas geologist by the name of M. King Hubbert to describe thatContinue reading “Peak Oil Impacts in Jackson Hole”

Book Review of The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg

Peak oil is the term coined by a Texas geologist by the name of M. King Hubbert in 1957 to describe that point in the earth’s history when mankind has consumed one half of all the petroleum that is or would ever be available. After that peak, called “Hubbert’s Peak”, production of oil would goContinue reading “Book Review of The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg”

Un Alquiler de las vacaciones en Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Tenemos un alquiler de las vacaciones en el agujero de Jackson para el alquiler a corto plazo. Preferiríamos a clientes que desearían 1 o más semana duration.We están 3 millas del área del esquí de la aldea de Teton y a 8 millas de la ciudad de Jackson. Nuestro alquiler es 900 pies cuadrados conContinue reading “Un Alquiler de las vacaciones en Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA”

Jackson Hole Vacation Rental

We have a vacation rental in Jackson Hole for short term rental. We would prefer clients who would desire 1 or more weeks duration.We are 3 miles from the Teton Village ski area and 8 miles from the town of Jackson.. Our rental is 900 square feet with 2 queen beds, a queen futon, modestContinue reading “Jackson Hole Vacation Rental”